About us

About us

| Introduction of Tajhiz Omid Pouyesh Company (TOPCO) |

Omid Poish Equipment Company, relying on the years of technical and commercial knowledge of its senior managers, started its activity as a private group in the field of supplying goods and contracting projects, and with a background of more than half a century, it is trying to establish itself as Introduce a well-known collection in the field of supplying precision, electrical and mechanical tools to different industries of the country. The first generation of this group started their work in the mid-1950s by working in the field of supplying electrical equipment and precision tools, and the core of the group was established in 1966 with the opening of the first store and the registration of the trading company in 1999, and finally after years of experience Supplying goods and selling equipment, in 2014, Tajhiz Omid Pouyesh Company (TOPCO) was launched by the second generation of the group as a technical and commercial company.

Recruiting expert and experienced personnel in order to create a suitable platform with the aim of developing the market and obtaining representation of NIVELCO companies producing all kinds of precision instrument equipment, APLISENS in the field of precision instrument equipment, UNILOK producing tubes, fittings, connections and valves for precision instruments, FAMAT producing all kinds of valves and control valves, WEG produces all kinds of drives and electric motors, TAIHANG produces nickel-cadmium, silver-zinc and lithium-ion batteries, ITM Group produces fittings, pipes and industrial valves, and HTCO produces fittings and flanges, creating the distinction of Tehzih Omid Powish Company in providing services to Dear employers and national projects. This company is also able to provide spare parts for rotary machines, as well as all kinds of electrical equipment and precision instruments, including transmitters and switches, control and metering systems, explosion-proof equipment, panel equipment, batteries and DC equipment, and active and passive network equipment from reputable global manufacturers. Provide a reasonable price.

| The vision of TOPCO company |

In the first phase of development, Tajhimiz Omid Poish (TOPCO) plans to become one of the most reliable manufacturers of the above equipment with good quality and reasonable price in the country’s industry by 2026. Therefore, we are trying to take another step towards serving our dear country Iran by setting up the TOPCO factory, and this time we will produce quality parts and products ourselves, relying on knowledge-based industry and global standards.

Also, the vision of this company in the second phase of development is to increase regional activities and produce some products inside the country, which due to the use of specialized human forces, the plans for this have also been carried out since 2021, and in this direction, cooperation It is done more widely with other countries and reputable companies in the world.