Schneider Company

The leading producer of industrial panel equipment

Automatic switch, air switch and soft starter

| All kinds of automatic circuit keys of Schneider company |


PowerPacT Q-Frame

PowerPacT J-Frame

PowerPacT H-Frame

PowerPacT B-Frame


PowerPacT R-Frame

PowerPacT P-Frame

PowerPacT M-Frame

PowerPacT L-Frame

LA, LH, Q4

Mission Critical

| All kinds of air keys of Schneider company |

Micrologic Trip Units

MasterPacT DC Circuit Breaker

MasterPacT MTZ Circuit Breakers – UL/ANSI

MasterPacT NT and NW – UL/ANSI

| All kinds of soft starters of Schneider company |

Soft Start – Altistart 48

Soft Start – ATS22 Enclosed

Soft Start – Altistart 22

Altivar ATS480 Enclosed Soft Starter System

Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

Soft Start – Altistart 01

Soft Start – ATS48 Enclosed